Temple Calendar 2019

JULY 2019

02	7:00pm			Lahaina Jodo Obon Practice
03	6:00pm		LHM Kiatsu
04	holiday		Independence Day
06	6:30/8:00	Lahaina Jodo Obon
07	9:30am		Monthly Memorial Svc
10	6:00pm		WM Buddhist Graveside Obon Svc
17	7:00pm		Kyodan meeting
11	10:00am		Shinkokai
13	Lanai		Lanai Hongwanji Obon
14	cancel		Sunday Svc
19,20  6:30/7:30	Kahului Hongwanji Obon
21	9:30am		Sunday svc
24	6:00pm		LHM Kiatsu
26,27  6:30/7:30	Makawao Hongwanji Obon
28	9:30am		Sunday Svc
30	7:00pm		LHM Obon Practice


02,03  8:00pm		Wailuku Hongwanji Obon
04	7:00am		LHM Obon setup
06	7:00pm		LHM Obon Practice
07	6:00pm		LHM Kiatsu
09,10  6p/7:30p	LHM Obon
11	7:00am		LHM Obon cleanup
14	7:00pm		Kyodan meeting
15	9:30am		MADCC presentation
17	6:30pm		BSC Satellite Seminar, KHM
18	9:30am		Sunday Svc
21	6:00pm		LHM Kiatsu
25	9:30am		Monthly Memorial Svc
25	tentative		VIDSTA Kickoff Picnic
26	7:00pm		Hongwanji Council meeting, KHM

8/30-9/1	 	World BWA Conv/SF0
Sept 8		Honpa 130th at WHM
9/21			PEACE DAY
10/19		LHM Autumn Fest
10/27		LHM 115th Anniversary
11/9,10		LHM Seminar-Rev Hiroshi Abiko,BCA

Please call Lahaina Hongwanji for more information (808) 661-0640

•  REGULAR SUNDAY SERVICES: Sunday services are scheduled the first four weeks of the month, unless
    cancelled and announced in the monthly newsletter. Service begins at 9:30 a.m. Duration of service
    is approximately one hour.

•  MONTHLY MEMORIAL SERVICES:  One Sunday each month will be designated as a time when families
   and friends of the deceased will have the opportunity to observe the passing of a loved one who
   passed away in that particular month.  Instead of a "public" family service, families observing
   "special memorial anniversaries" are encouraged to arrange for a private home or temple service
   with the resident minister.

•  ANNUAL EVENTS and OBSERVANCES:   (See calendar for dates)

January•	New Year’s Eve Service (Dec. 31st … Jan. 1st)
•	New Year’s Party and Installation of Kyodan officers & Buddhist Women’s Association (Fujinkai)
	officers and General Membership meeting
•	HOONKO SERVICE, 3rd Sunday (memorial honoring Shinran Shonin)
•	Monthly Memorial Service - as scheduled.
•	Shinkokai Service – as scheduled.

•	Honpa Hongwanji State Legislative Assembly (Giseikai)
•	Monthly Memorial Service, as scheduled.
•	Shinkokai Service – as scheduled.

•	SPRING OHIGAN SERVICE (annual celebration of spring equinox)
•	Annual Bazaar
•	Monthly Memorial Service
•	Shinkokai Service – as scheduled.

•	HANAMATSURI SERVICE, 1st Sunday. (commemorates birth of Shakyamuni Buddha)
•	BWA’s ESHINNI/KAKUSHINNI DAY SERVICE  (in honor of wife & daughter of Shinran)
•	Monthly Memorial Service
•	Shinkokai Service – as scheduled.

•	GOTAN-E SERVICE, 1st Sunday  (commemorates birth of Shinran Shonin)
•	Monthly Memorial Service
•	Shinkokai Service – as scheduled.

•	Mid-year Temple Cleanup and Omigaki (polishing of brass religious articles)
•	Annual Obon Service and Festival, 2 nights.  (sometimes in July or August, contingent on schedule
	rotation with Maui Buddhist temples)
•	HATSUBON coincides with Obon (1st obon following death of a family member)
•	Shinkokai Service – as scheduled.

•	Monthly Memorial Service
•	Shinkokai Service – as scheduled.

•	Monthly Memorial Service
•	Shinkokai Service – as scheduled.

•	AUTUMN OHIGAN SERVICE  (annual celebration of autumn equinox)
.	Monthly Memorial Service
•	PEACE DAY OBSERVANCE  - as scheduled.
•	Shinkokai Service – as scheduled.

•	Monthly Memorial Service
•	Shinkokai – as scheduled.

•	EITAIKYO (Sangha Memorial) SERVICE, 4th Sunday (to honor those in whose memory special donations
	were made to the Eitaikyo fund, the purpose of which is to ensure perpetuation of the temple)
•	Annual visitations to hospital, Hale Makua, etc.
•	Monthly Memorial Service
•	Shinkokai Service - as scheduled.

•	BODHI DAY SERVICE, 1st Sunday (to celebrate the enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha)
•	BWA (Fujinkai) Memorial  (for BWA members who passed away during the year)
•	Year-end Cleanup and Omigaki

OTHER AVAILABLE SERVICES (officiated by Resident Minister)
Columbarium (Nokotsudo)
Funeral Services
Home & Hospital visitations
Infant’s Initiatory Rites
Memorial Services